About Us

Our primary objectives are:

1. To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to inform, to transform, to encourage and to edify believers through the exposition and study of God’s Word – the Holy Bible.
2. To promote biblical discernment in an age of error and blind acceptance.
3. To create awareness about contemporary issues facing Christians in a postmodern world and to offer answers based on a thoroughly biblical worldview.
4. To uphold the importance of following the simple New Testament pattern for the church and ministry.
We do not have any denominational affiliation. We are simply Christians/ believers who love the Lord, and gather unto the name of the Lord Jesus Christ alone (sometimes called “Brethren”) and are associated with such assemblies and ministries. At the same time, we do not represent any church or group. This is totally an independent ministry. We wholeheartedly uphold the unity of the Body of Christ and love the saints “…..who in every place call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours’ (1 Corinthians 1:2).
We are of the conviction that truth does matter and what we believe is important. Theology and doctrine provide us with the foundation upon which we can build our faith and life. It is not an intellectual pursuit, but it is “the art of living unto God.” We are not sympathetic towards the fads of cultural Christianity and do not rest our case on popular opinion, private revelations/prophecies, but on the eternal, timeless, trans-cultural, trans-generational truth of God’s unchanging Word. We are committed to personal devotedness to Christ, our savior and Lord, and Christ-centeredness in ministry and missions.
Thank you for visiting us. We hope and pray that this humble ministry may instill in you a deep passion for the Savior and the Scriptures.